The Art & Wisdom of Birth

The With Woman Birth School is the seed of an idea where we can come together to learn and share wise woman skills, inspiring stories and knowledge to support each other on our journey with women and as women.

If you believe birth is any or all of these…

a rite of passage…transformational..spiritual…a journey…about real choice…a feminist issue…then we look forward to meeting you here.

Join me in the Pregnancy Circle – the holistic alternative to antenatal classes, a space to help you regain faith in your body and the process of birth, so you can feel calm, capable and excited about giving birth to your baby.

We also provide individualised antenatal and postnatal midwifery care in Cornwall, and one to one birth preparation, specialising in helping you explore making informed positive choices in all birth possibilities including H/VBAC, twins and breech.

Free E-Book for You

Start your learning journey with the little book of birth resources. A collection of favourite resources to expand your knowledge about wise woman traditional midwifery, normal birth, activism & rights, VBAC, birth art, spirituality and more….

An Introduction to Holistic Practice

Do you yearn to be the midwife or doula that lives in your heart, practicing with confidence and holistic knowledge nurturing and celebrating the power, physiology and meaning in birth?

Are you feeling the call to deepen your own self-development, as a midwife or doula, to find your voice, and have the courage to be more connected and true to yourself in both your professional and personal experience of life?

Want to be a doula or midwife?

Are you thinking about becoming a doula or maybe a midwife? Nervous about making that commitment? Come and discover what’s it all about, learn some basics to help women in your community and discover if this is the right path for you.