Birth Partners Workshop

In this labour and birth preparation workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how your body works in labour, and develop confidence in your own ability to birth your baby.

As a birth partner you may be feeling apprehensive about how you are going to be the best support for her in labour. Through this day you will learn what to expect when she goes into labour and real tools and techniques so you can feel confident in being there for her.  Plus, you will learn how labour and birth can unfold in different ways, so that you are fully prepared and are able to remain a calm, supportive prescence for her and your baby.

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Do you want to...

  • Have a deeper understanding of the how labour begins and progresses?
  • Practical skills and knowledge to help you understand and  feel ready for labour?
  • How to develop a positive mindset and release your fears?
  • Know what to expect from your care providers throughout the labour process?
  • A whole day with an experienced midwife to ask questions?
  • Leave feeling prepared and positive about labour, birthand meeting your new baby?

I want to help you and your birth partner regain faith in the body and process of birth, so you can feel calm, capable, and excited about giving birth to your baby, together. The focus is on supporting you to birth your baby normally but recognises that help is sometimes needed, so we will ensure you have an understanding and confidence in the ways that normality can continue to be supported with the addition of medical help. We will also explore the needs of your newborn baby, and how you can respond to them in the early days.

I have lots of stories to tell to inspire and encourage you, insider knowledge of maternity care and lots of positive encouragement to share with you as you birth your baby in Cornwall. Plus lots of experience with newborn babies, breastfeeding and up to date evidenced based information.

As a midwife, specialising in supporting normality for nearly 20 years,  I have a deep understanding of the physiology of birth and ways that your birth partner and your midwives can support you to have a positive experience of birthing your baby.

What will we cover?

  • Recognising the signs of labour
  • Knowing the difference between early labour and established labour
  • Coping in early labour at home
  • When to call the midwife
  • The journey through labour – different stages, how you may feel, what to expect
  • Creating the perfect environment to support normal birth at home and in hospital
  • Understanding your pelvis – positions that optimise labour
  • The stages of labour – working with your body and baby
  • The Rest and Be Thankful Stage
  • Breathing or pushing your baby out -supporting your body
  • Coping with pain
  • Midwifery and medical care offered to you in labour – what to expect
  • Interventions – when do they happen and why?
  • Making decisions in labour – choices and safety
  • Induction – making an informed choice
  • Caesarean births and other ways of being being born
  • Keeping things normal and safe when help is needed
  • Birthing your placenta
  • Meeting your baby for the first time: skin to skin, vitamin K
  • Early postnatal recovery
  • The first feed

Throughout the day whilst developing our knowledge and awareness of the process of labour and birth, you and your partner will be learning and integrating ways to support your body and optimise the physiological process of birth.

“I liked the laid-back, informal approach.”
“It’s relaxed, friendly, fun, inclusive and informative.”
"It involved partners without being embarrassing or cliche.”

I can’t promise anything about your birth, and how your journey might go, but by understanding the process better you may be able to make choices that feel right for you and your partner. That way you’ll emerge as a new parents feeling positive about your birth experience and with a sense of wellbeing, ready to embark on your journey with your new baby.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should we attend a workshop day?

Ideally once you are in the middle of your pregnancy, probably around 28-32 weeks. But later would still be beneficial.

Is it only for partners/mums-to be, or can I come with my friend/mum/sister?
If your partner is going to be there at the birth then this is ideal for them. However it’s suitable for whoever is going to be your birth partner on the day.

Do you make us do ‘games’ or ice breakers?
No. It’s an opportunity to explore options and choices and learn things as adults in an informal and relaxed way. Some topics you’ll be listening intently…other times we’ll be trying out useful practical ideas. We can explore as much as possible from natural birth to caesarean according to the specific needs of the group. Be reassured there’s no instruments in sight and you won’t have to ‘role play’.

Where is it held?
Venue to be confirmed but likely Penzance/ Helston.

Further details:

The sessions run from 10 am – 4pm monthly on a Saturday or Sunday.

A  Birth Partners Handbook accompanies the course to remind you of what’s been covered

Plus you will be sent the Birth Plan Guide to help you build your own birth plan

You’re also invited to stay in touch with each other and myself after the day for continued support via a closed Facebook group.

Course costs

The one day workshop costs £110 for you and your birth partner and includes a vegetarian lunch and refreshments.

Our next course dates:

To be confirmed

Payment in advance will secure your booking.  There are limited places due to space and to ensure a close and informative course that meets everyone’s needs.