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My Morning Routine

Well, I did it. I managed to get up and actually do some yoga, and some meditation too. For seven days straight.

My morning routine, which I seem to have slipped back into fairly easily,  is as follows…

5.50 – Alarm goes off – I have tweeting birds, which is not such a rude awakening. I snooze it twice.

6.00 – Get out of bed. Throw on my yoga/around the house/going to Tescos/actually-wear-it-all-the-time outfit. (I’ve found THE most softest, comfy harem pants from Ebay and I live in them. Lily thinks they look like pyjamas. Life is too short not to be comfortable. £5.09 per pair. What’s not to love?)

6.10 – Squeeze half a lemon into my fav mug and top with hot water, plus a dash of agave and get on the mat.

7.00 – Feel good, cos I’ve done about 15-20 mins yoga, 10 minutes meditation, checked out my angel cards and said a prayer for the day.

Then I’ll grab a cup of Lady Grey tea, in my special cup, and settle down with a big blanket to write a few thoughts in the journal.

It means I’ve got time even before work to keep to my routine, and on the weekends I stay in bed a little bit later, and get up somewhere between 7 and 8.

I’ve been getting up and having me-time for a few years now, sometimes the yoga is included, sometimes not. It’s easy for one ‘day off’ to become two, which becomes a week then a month, so for me a routine helps me stay on track, which is vital for my sense of wellbeing, especially when the NHS can push the stress buttons.

I really relish that time in the morning before the rest of the house is up, and it’s just me and the quietness. I have time to think, to ponder, to read, to learn something. It’s a moment to live in the present, the now. Meditating can be a challenge to start with, but just putting a short Youtube guided meditation can feel like a mini retreat that’s just so blissful. Five minutes is all it takes.

I found this great channel on Youtube for short and sweet yoga vids. This one was a nice gentle start to get back into it last year.

As she says “Grab a mat, grab some water and let’s go!”.

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