Stepping In

Do you yearn to be the midwife or doula that lives in your heart, practicing with confidence and holistic knowledge nurturing and celebrating the power, physiology and meaning in birth?

Are you feeling the call to deepen your own self-development, as a midwife or doula, to find your voice,  and have the courage to be more connected and true to yourself in both your professional and personal experience of life?

With Woman Birth School offers a learning opportunity for midwives, student midwives and doulas who are seeking to work in a more integrated way with women during pregnancy and birth. Read on to discover how our distance learning course will bring together meaning and knowledge, within a circle of online support as you step into the With Woman way…

“Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.”

Oprah Winfrey

What will we be learning?

Why nurturing the mind, body and spirit of women through awareness of physiology, emotional health and nutrition are the holistic keys to healthy women and babies

What does spirituality really mean and how is it connected to birth? How can we understand and work with it?

How our own self-development and self-care practice as midwives and doulas is integral to holistically working with women and their families

What is the next step from here?

This is an introductory course to explore the nature of being With Woman from a mind, body and spiritual perspective.

We begin by exploring the concept of normal birth within a medicalised culture and look at how physiology and undisturbed birth is the key to reclaiming the power and potential of the birthing experience.

We consider the nature of spirituality and meaning around birth, and how recognsiing this enables us to expand our understanding of birth and how we work with women.

Finally but a vital piece of the tapestry we consider ourselves within this paradigm, central to the creation of a holistic practice, to be With Woman.

Course Details

This distance learning course is run over 4 weeks, comprising of four modules.

Through a variety of media including videos and pdfs,and a weekly group video call, you will have an opportunity to consolidate and expand your knowledge, inspiring you to practice holistically, supporting you to finding your inner calling.

The course is not assessed but you will receive one to one feedback from the tutor via email, for the reflective exercises of each module.

What do you get?

  • Access to all the modules
  • Access to the closed Facebook group for support and connection
  • Facebook Live meeting once a week
  • Email feedback on your reflections

What do you need?

  • Access to a laptop, mobile etc
  • Email access
  • Skype
  • Facebook – not essential but enables increased support


The cost of the course is £105.

This includes:

four modules online

closed Facebook group for mutual support and discussion

weekly personal email support as you work through the modules

weekly group call to further discuss and explore the topic

Course Dates

This course will be launching in September 2018.

Do you feel the call?

There will be 10 spaces available so please drop us a message if you would like to be informed when the course opens or have any questions.

Want to know more?

If you feel called to this way of working, or already work in this way, come and join us on Facebook in the With Woman Birth Community for midwives, doulas and birth workers. We would love to see you there.